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Andale, chica – is the rough equivalent of “you go, girl.” Roughly.chica focal

It is written by a California girl who grew up in a Mexican-American family. She is the daughter of a hard-working and beautiful woman from northern Mexico and of a wonderfully funny and loving California man who, himself, was born of a Mexican woman and an adventurous Italian immigrant.

She grew up in a small, farming town and from her earliest memories, always had a curiousity about seeing the rest of the world. Since leaving her small town at age 17, she has lived all over the United States and in Mexico, and she has traveled through Central America, the Caribbean and a small part of South America. She’s been to Paris and to Asia and she hopes to continue traveling.

The author is the twice-divorced mother of three young boys, whom she loves with all of her heart.


© 2011 Andale Chica. Andale Chica™

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